American Idiots Part II – Fleecing the Flock (E-Book)


“Irreverent and hard-hitting, American Idiots Part II is an incredible masterpiece documenting the most corrupt period in American history. It’s one of the best-written documentaries that connect the dots transforming mainstream media’s illusionary depiction of the chaotic events into truth and reality”


“American Idiots is a humorous bird’s eye view of the complacency of the American people and how our politicians have deceived us. A must-read for anyone who wants to grasp a condensed version of our country’s tumultuous transition into an illusionary world. It is a wake-up call to every American.”



• How the Biden Administration is laundering billions of dollars through Ukraine and Black Lives Matter
• How Biden’s inflationary spending is wiping out people’s savings
• The price our Fore Fathers paid to establish freedom in America
• The writing is on the wall: We are transitioning into a socialistic/communistic state
• Our two-tier justice system
• Governor Gavin Newsom’s insane policies
• History of what happens after governments disarmed their citizens
• Climate Change Myth: 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True
• Why the constant witch hunt against our 45th President
• Tump’s real accomplishments – more than any other president

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