A Common Sense Health Evaluation


You will learn

  •  Asking the right questions will provide clues to the onset of symptoms
  • Three ways to assess your thyroid without expensive lab tests
  • Common symptoms associate with an under active thyroid
  • How to take a Basel Body Temperature
  • Why oral ph (acid/alkaline balance) is so important to your health
  • Symptoms related to omega 6 deficiency
  • Symptoms related to omega 3 deficiency
  • Why fish oil is toxic and can cause congestive heart failure
  • 10 foods high in omega 6 oils
  • 10 foods high in omega 3 oils
  • A 7 part symptom survey that will zero in on the underlying cause of your symptoms
  • Why energy testing is more accurate than blood test
  • Video demonstrations on the use of an Energy Testing techniqueHow to Surrogate Test to assess persons located miles away
A must view presentation for any seeking to restore or maintain their health
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