Patients...In Their Own Words

Feedback Of Dr.Smith's Work On My 3rd Molar
I am a medical doctor from UK registered with the British GMC. I had broken right mandibular third molar and the underlying root canal was being exposed. I got to know of the excellent work of Dr. Gerald Smith by my mentor Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD. Dr.Klinghardt explained to me that i needed to get this root canal extracted by a proper dentist  as soon as possible, and he recommended me to look at the works of Dr. Smith as over 90% of medical problems have a dental etiology.
After I studied the works of Dr.Smith, i knew right then that i had to meet him. So i booked a skype consultation and we went over the treatment plan. Dr.Smith's academic and experiential knowledge is second to none and he communicates it in such a way that even a MD could understand. I was so impressed by his expertise that I immediately flew over to see him in America, as I wanted to be treated by the best to prevent any further dental and medical problems and I felt very comfortable to invest in flying all the way to America to see Dr.Smith
I was greeted very warmly by his wonderful nurse Rebecca and felt completely comfortable and well looked after from the moment i stepped into the clinic. Dr.Smith was very meticulous in his assessment of my whole dental region and using his amazing Quantum Diagnostic techniques he detected a number of pathogens, microbes, heavy metals and other toxins emanating from my broken third molar root canal.
I later confirmed all his findings and Dr.Smith was spot on with everything!
Dr.Smith cleaned out my extraction site and put me on a very comprehensive treatment plan. I am very happy with the outcome and am very thankful for his excellent biological holistic approach and indeed his Quantum dentistry techniques. I am also very appreciative of his wonderful "bed-side manner" (patient-to-doctor mannerisms) as he is very empathetic to the needs of his patients and he communicates all the information (starting from explaining his findings, the treatment plan, what to expect in the upcoming weeks and the overall prognosis, etc..) in a way that even a lay person can understand and he does so with such humility.
I would recommend anyone needing dental or even medical work to seek the help of this distinguished doctor, as he is not only an expert biological holistic Quantum dentist but also Integrative Medical doctor
licensed by the WONM to practice globally and indeed he also teaches many other doctors his amazing protocols in Quantum dentistry and integrative medicine!
My Trip To See Dr. Smith Was Well Worth It
Dr. Smith was the 10th dentist I consulted with a problem and the only one who was able to figure out what was going on and solve my problem. I traveled all the way from Florida to see him and it was well worth it. I can't put into words how thankful I am for him and his knowledge. If you are looking for a dentist who really understands how the teeth relate to the rest of the body this is your guy. His understanding of orthodontics is also unparalleled and I would not get orthodontics done anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Smith!
Dr. Smith Cured My Vertigo Of 15 Years
I owe so much to Dr. Gerald Smith. Just for starters, he cured my vertigo of 15 years by properly diagnosing it and prescribing bio frequencies. Whenever I develop a symptom that puzzles my family doctor, Dr. Smith is usually able to ferret out the cause quickly. He is a true healer, a visionary practitioner and a medical genius.