Case Study Archive

  1. 25 Years of Migraine Headaches Connected to Mercury
  2. Chronic Neck Pain Dental Connection
  3. Dental/Chiropractic Connection
  4. Congestive Heart Failure Reversed With Natural Supplements
  5. ALF Orthopedic Expansion
  6. Craniodontic Skull Teeth Connection
  7. 14 Years of Neck Pain Resolved
  8. Lowering of IQ with Standard Orthodontic Techniques
  9. Dental / Arm Pain Connection
  10. Years of Pain and 50 Doctors Later..
  11. 12 Years of Chronic Fatigue
  12. Dental / Low Back Pain Connection
  13. Twenty years of facial pain due to trauma and perpetuated by dental bridgework
  14. ALF / Whole Body Connection
  15. Atypical Facial Pain/Dental Connection
  16. Bipolar Disorder Dental Connection
  17. Congestive Heart Failure / Dental Connection
  18. Facial Pain / Dental Connection
  19. Othodontics / Headache Connection
  20. Dental / Dermatologic Connection
  21. Dental/Cancer Connection
  22. Dental/Herniated Disc Connection
  23. Dental/Rheumatoid Arthritis Connection
  24. Bruxism: Dental/Cranial Connection
  25. Atypical Facial Pain: Dental/Cranial/Whole-Body Connection
  26. Viral/Vertigo Connection
  27. Dental/Congestive Heart Failure Connection
  28. 30-Year Dental/Migraine Connection
  29. Three years constant facial pain: Dental Whole Body Connection
  30. Dental / Facial Pain / Posture Connection
  31. Dental / Sciatic Pain Connection
  32. Dental / Migraine Connection
  33. Dental / Sinusitis Connection
  34. Oral Shingles: 10 Years of Unrelenting Mouth Pain
  35. Orthodontic/Migraine Headache
  36. Dental/Raynaud’s Disease Connection
  37. Dental/Cystitis Connection
  38. Dental / Social Anxiety Disorder Connection
  39. Dental/Feet/Low-Back Connection
  40. Tooth Extraction/Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Connection
  41. Severe Eczema/Vaccine Connection
  42. 40 years low back pain resolved in one treatment
  43. 30 years suffering scoliosis dramatically improved in one treatment
  44. 15 Year Migraine Headaches Resolved
  45. 1.5 Years Post-Whiplash Pain Resolved
  46. 6 months of lower back pain from a work injury resolved
  47. Periodontal Disease and the Arsenic Connection
  48. What do hypothyroidism, tetanus vaccine, itching, “insomnia” (disturbed sleep pattern), and wheat allergy have in common?
  49. Dental Migraine/PMS/Low Back and Neck Pain Connection
  50. Dental / Head-Face-Neck-Shoulder Pain Connection
  51. Re-Treating Four Bicuspid Extraction Retraction Orthodontics vs. Insanity
  52. Five years low back pain resolved in one-half hour
  53. Dental/Chronic Pain Connection: Ear Piercing, Tooth and Other Subluxations
  54. Headache/Hearing/Cranial Connection
  55. Twenty years of migraine headaches resolved with ALF
  56. Post-Whiplash sequelae of 8 months resolved in one treatment
  57. Lower back and right thigh pain resolved
  58. Five Year Post-Football Concussion/Low Back Pain Resolved in One Treatment
  59. 20 Years of Migraine Headaches Resolved with one cranial adjustment
  60. Liver Transplant Averted with Natural Medicine
  61. Blindness Caused by a Stealth Virus
  62. Loss of Teeth Due to Arsenic Poisoning from High Consumption of Chicken
  63. Pitfalls of Conventional Orthodontics
  64. 10 years of neck and back pain linked to faulty orthodontics
  65. Pitfalls of Orthodontic Treatment and Dangers of ALF Appliances
  66. High Blood Pressure treated the old-fashion way
  67. Bilateral shoulder pain and tinnitus resolved with cranial adjustment
  68. Right shoulder pain resolved by orthodontic correction
  69. Lazy left eye and structural distortions
  70. Eight years of chronic pain due to third molar extractions
  71. Successful Treatment of Bell’s Palsy
  72. Five months of left knee pain resolved in two days
  73. Twenty years of Upper Cervical Pain and Vertigo resolved in two days
  74. Pitfalls of Third Molar Extraction
  75. 15 years of vertigo caused by a root canal treated tooth
  76. Four months of post-extraction pain due to clogged maxillary right sinus
  77. 11-year-old’s Severe Eczema Resolved with Energy Medicine Diagnostics and Nutritional Protocol
  78. Loss of quality of life due to faulty Orthodontics
  79. Dental Cancer Connection
  80. 6 years of post-whiplash injuries resolved in 30 minutes
  81. Months of low back pain resolved with one cranial adjustment
  82. Eczema: Examining the real underlying causes
  83. Feline Eye Infection Resolved in 90 Seconds
  84. Eight Years of Vertigo Resolved in one Theraphi Session
  85. 24 years of pain, paresthesia, and malocclusion resolved in 1 hour
  86. The insanity of mainstream orthodontics: severe facial pain created by conventional orthodontic treatment
  87. Cancer Treatment Breakthrough: Quantum energy technology can now detect underlying cancer stressors
  88. Gardasil Vaccine: Fact or Fantasy
  89. Concussion Revisited: 16 years post-concussion syndrome resolved in 1.5 hours
  90. Canine Seizures Unraveled
  91. 21 Years Post Concussion Symptoms Resolved in One Treatment
  92. Post-Concussion Syndrome due to Three Gymnastic Concussions
  93. Unrelenting Sciatic Pain Resolved in One Treatment
  94. Hashimoto’s Disease Uncovered
  95. Dental / Hashimoto’s Disease Connection
  96. Post-Surgical Scar Pain Resolved with Neural Therapy
  97. Walking Pneumonia Resolved in Two Days
  98. Post treatment for the Symptoms of Removing the Thyroid because of Cancer
  99. Neural Therapy resolves eight years of left shoulder range of motion restriction
  100. Stage 4 Lung Cancer Improved with Nutritional Protocol In 2 Months
  101. Pigeon Toed Gait Instantly Corrected with Shoe Orthotics
  102. Post Femur Fracture Pain
  103. Cat’s eye infection greatly improved with Bioptron System
  104. Traumatic Bell’s Palsy Caused by Dental Procedures
  105. Drug-induced Vertigo
  106. What Eczema, Insomnia, Weight Gain, Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression All Have In Common
  107. Dental/Menstrual Migraines Connection
  108. Child’s Seizures Followed 4 month Schedule of Vaccines
  109. Hearing Loss Connected to Old Dental Work
  110. Dental Cervical, Shoulder, Pelvic Pain Connection
  111. High Blood Pressure Resolved With Systemic Enzymes
  112. Depression, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety Linked to Thyroid
  113. Invisalign is for Robots
  114. Migraine Headaches and Whiplash
  115. Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  116. 7 Major Outbreaks of Shingles Defies the Best that Conventional Medicine has to Offer
  117. PET Scan Documents Stage III Melanoma Reversal
  118. $35,000 Chronic Pain Puzzle
  119. Liver Pain Due to Glyphosate
  120. Fingernail and Skin Lesions
  121. Morton’s Neuroma Resolved with Qigong Acupuncture
  122. 38 Years of Neck Pain Resolved in One Treatment
  123. Dental/Cranial Trauma
  124. Diet/Acne Relationship
  125. Floaters and Lower Back Pain Connection
  126. Chronic Pain Resolved with Scalar Energy
  127. Neck and Back Pain Resolved the Old Fashion Way
  128. Dentistry’s Standard of Care Unable to Diagnose the Real Cause of Complex Pain Patterns
  129. Cancer is Not a Disease
  130. Lower Back Pain and Dental Bridgework
  131. Faulty Parkinson’s Diagnosis Reversed with Dental Cranial Corrections
  132. Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain Due to Faulty Occlusal Cranial Balance
  133. Ear Piercings can be a Source of Depression
  134. Concussion’s Adverse Neurological and Structural Distortions
  135. The Power of a Cranial Adjustment
  136. Cranial Adjustment—An Alternative to Pain Medication
  137. Mouth Trauma Linked to Chronic Leg Pain
  138. Severe arthritic pains, psoriasis, and manic depression all resolved without drugs
  139. Cardiac Sarcoidosis Resolved Naturally
  140. Visual Disturbance Due to Parasites
  141. Tooth / Foot Connection
  142. How Safe are Vaccines?
  143. Head Trauma, Cranial Distortions, and Leg Pain
  144. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Pain Reversed with Unconventional Therapy
  145. Twenty Year of Migraines and Low Back Pain Totally Resolved
  146. 10 Years Facial, Neck, Shoulder, Low Back, and Leg Pain
  147. 4 Years of Incapacitating Facial Pain Resolved
  148. Noises in the Head Resolved with New Dentures
  149. Chronic Spiking Blood Pressure Resolved the Old Fashion Way
  150. Edna’s $18,000 Headache
  151. Tooth pain caused by toxic “Ice Breakers” mints
  152. Cholesterol Scam Generates one Trillion Dollars a Year in revenue for Big Pharma!
  153. The Magic of Healing with Frequencies
  154. How can a dentist who is up to his eyeballs in debt give you an honest diagnosis and treatment?
  155. The Power of Qigong Acupuncture
  156. Skin Lesions Traced to Underactive Thyroid
  157. Chronic Fatigue with a Twist
  158. Cranial Adjustment Avoids Knee Replacement
  159. Vertigo – an Uncommon Cause
  160. Post-cancer Treatment’s Loss of Quality of Life
  161. Resolving Bladder Incontinence
  162. Resolving Chronic Post-Whiplash Headaches and Plantar Fasciitis
  163. Cranial Adjustment Resolves Post-Concussion Symptoms
  164. Rosacea Caused by Patient’s Earrings
  165. Chronic Fatigue Caused by Infected Root Canal Teeth
  166. Chronic Pain Eludes Conventional Medicine’s Gold Standard of Treatment
  167. IBS, IBD, Crohn’s or “A-B-C” Disease
  168. 4 Years of H. Pylori Stomach Pain Resolved in 24 hours
  169. Neck & Sacroiliac Pain Disappeared Immediately Following ALF Appliance Insertion and Adjustment
  170. Resolved: Severe Eczema That Defied Diagnosis by Conventional Medicine
  171. Tooth Pain Eludes Conventional Technology
  172. 6 – 7 Years of Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, and Severe Insomnia Reversed
  173. Chronic Stomach Pain Resolved with Cranial Adjustment
  174. The Foot Bone is Connected to the Ear Bone
  175. Cranial-Dental, Breathing, Low Back, and Hip Connection
  176. Cranial, Dental, Whole Body Connection
  177. Post Shoulder Trauma Pain and Dysfunction
  178. 20 Years of Vertigo Resolved in Six Weeks
  179. Chronic Nausea, Stomach Pain and Pharmaceuticals
  180. Years of itchy scalp resolved in two days
  181. Chronic Pain Greatly Reduced with Cranial Manipulation and Qigong Ngui Matrix Acupuncture
  182. First Aid Comes in Strange Forms
  183. Dental Low Back Pain Connection
  184. Six Years Post-Concussion Symptoms Resolved in One Visit
  185. Post Concussion Back Pain from a Car Accident Resolved in One Visit
  186. Chronic periodontal infection, teeth pain, and receding gums
  187. Bells Palsy Lyme Connection
  188. Energy Medicine’s Breakthrough Technology for Reversing Autistic Spectrum and Epilepsy
  189. Radar Induced Eye Damage
  190. Four concussions and no doctor ever diagnosed the patient’s cranial distortions
  191. Reversing a 20 Year-Old Post-Concussion Gate Dysfunction
  192. Chronic Headaches Resolved with a Cranial Adjustment
  193. 20 years of hiatal pain and three years of facial pain resolved in one visit