Six Years Post-Concussion Symptoms Resolved in One Visit

In 2016, Johann suffered a whiplash injury and concussion. Traditional medicine really has no solutions for these type events. Their primary treatment recommends physical and cognitive rest with a possible prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug. The medical literature lists no statistics for those who fall through the cracks. 

Johann was referred to my clinic for examination and treatment of chronic headaches, cervical, and low back pain. Since most patients are walking time bombs, a comprehensive examination is needed to define existing issues that would contribute to his chronic pain. As with many chronic pain patients, they invariably have hypothyroidism. An underactive thyroid provides the basis for muscle and ligament weakness, fatigue, sleep issues, and diffuse pain patterns. When an underactive thyroid condition exists, the “splinters” or initiators of Johann’s under active thyroid were glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup), tetanus vaccine trapped in his left lobe of his thyroid, and mercury. In addition, Johann had cranial bone distortions and a reversed motion of the base of his skull. Clinical experience has shown that just treating the structural issues alone will not resolve the chronic pain.

Treatment involved nutritional supplements to remove the toxins from his thyroid and a comprehensive cranial manipulation to reset the balance of his 28 cranial bones plus reset the motion of the sphenobasilar motion. Johann was placed on a supplement program and instructed to return for structural correction. Immediately following the cranial adjustment, Johann stated that his 6 years of neck pain totally disappeared along with his low back pain. Only through a comprehensive approach, will chronic pain patients realize total resolution of their pain.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.


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