Energy Medicine: The New Frontier - Dental/Medical Connection

Learn how to diagnose and treat Dental/Medical Issues with Quantum Energy

May 5 & 6 2023
Toronto, ON
14 CEUs
World Organization of Natural Medicine

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Seminar Objectives:

  • How to diagnose core issues using Quantum Energy Techniques
  • Learn how to pre screen heart attacks energically
  • Learn why the Biophoton Pen is the missing link in the healing process
  • Learn the dental connection to many medical illnesses

Lecture and Hands-On Workshop Designed for: DDS, DMD, MD, DO, DC, ND, PT

Presented by:
Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM, IMD, DHS
Pioneer, Researcher and Author in Integrative Dentistry and Medicine with 53 years of clinical experience.

Sir, Sigong, Dr. Stanley Ngui, PhD, IMD, DHS
23rd generation Gigong Grand Master, Researcher, Pioneer, and originator of the Ngui Matrix System

What to Expect

Lecture and Hands-On Workshop

Friday Morning, May 5, 2023
Instructor: Dr. Stanley Ngui

  • Evolution of Quantum Physics
  • Quantum energy : why you need to get involved
  • Reversing trigeminally induced neuralgia
  • Secrets to reversing dentally induced ailments
  • Powerful healing effects of Biophoton devices
  • Treatment of tachycardia and bradycardia
  • Hands-on wokshop: EKG screening, Tx of acute & chronic concussion

Friday Afternoon, May 5, 2023
Instructor: Dr. Gerald Smith

  • Detoxification sequence for all illnesses
  • A missing nutritional link in restoring health
  • Fifty plus nutritional pearls
  • The physiology of why local anesthetics do not take effect in some patients and how to quickly correct it
  • How to quickly and accurately

Saturday May 6, 2023

AM Session - Defining and treating the cause

  • Case studies
  • Defining Core Issues using Quantum Energy Testing Techniques
  • Participants are invited to bring one difficult patient for evaluation

PM Session II - Dental Cranial Connection

  • How to make custom energy infused remedies
  • How to administer a virtual injection
  • How to protect yourself energetically from EMFs
  • How to treat dental pain and pathology with nutrients
  • Understanding and applying energetic medicine to dental and medical maladies
  • Live patient evaluations to enhance your learning experience

This seminar is designed to teach a comprehensive approach to resolving a broad spectrum of dental/ medical issues. Doctor Smith’s 53 years of clinical practice provides the research for resolving chronic head, neck, facial and low back pain, autoimmune diseases, congestive heart failure, cancer, MRSA, TMD, vertigo, Lyme, Systemic Lupus, post-concussion syndrome, and much more.

What the Experts Are Saying

“Thank God we have you!

You are always a million years ahead in healing compared to conventional treatments.

Can’t wait for residency courses in advance techniques in the Theraphi Plasma System and CyberScan. All your training has saved hundreds of lives in my prac- tice. I mean from death. I use your training every day — from the basic nutritional concepts to scalar technology.

Thanks for making a difference and making me make a difference in these times.”
Your Student Always
Paul Moon, DDS, IMD
Toronto, Ontario