Four months of post-extraction pain due to clogged maxillary right sinus

Residual oral pain can destroy ones’ quality of life. This was the situation with Ed Barus who had an upper right first molar extracted in August of 2016 and experienced daily pain, insomnia, and reduced breathing due to a clogged maxillary right sinus. Ed stated that when the dentist extracted the tooth the crown broke off. The dentist then pulled the remaining roots out along with a large piece of inter-septal bone, which left an opening to the right maxillary sinus. Upper first molars have three roots and most often they are curved.

In order to remove these roots with the least amount of trauma and prevent exposing the maxillary sinus, dentists should section the tooth in such a way as to remove the three roots separately. This reduces tissue trauma and prevents removing bone that becomes locked into the curvature of the roots.

By the dentist exposing the maxillary sinus, bacteria was permitted to enter the sinus and establish a constant state of inflammation. Since the maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve lies in the floor of the maxillary sinus pressure and pain will result. When patients experience constant pain, the adrenal glands are stimulated, which flood the body with adrenaline. An elevated level of adrenaline prevents one from falling asleep.

Evaluation involved determining the specific pathogens present in the post-surgical extraction site. Next specific food based supplements were tested energetically to determine their potential effectiveness in resolving the infection. In addition, the area was treated with biofrequencies to literally kill the pathogens, which were the underlying reason for the infection and swelling. Also the Theraphi plasma system was used to initiate healing along with a special soft laser to remove other contaminants. The result was that the pathogen population was quickly reduced along with the accompanying inflammation, which lessened the pain and pressure and reduced the level of adrenaline pouring out. The patient was then able to sleep, which is critical to restoring his immune system. The end result was that Ed was 90% pain free in three days after suffering for four months of constant pain. The key to successful treatment is to define the core issues and address them with non invasive techniques to allow the body to heal.

Xray: The red arrow depicts the maxillary sinus and the close proximity of the three roots of the first molar.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.


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