Viral/Vertigo Connection

Vertigo Resolved by Bio-Frequencies

There are two basic types of vertigo: objective and subjective. Objective vertigo exists when the external world revolves around the individual. Subjective vertigo manifests when the individual perceives them-self revolving in space. Vertigo is a result of a disturbance of equilibrium. It can be caused by middle ear disease; cranial distortions, dental malocclusion; toxic conditions caused by aspartame, mercury poisoning, silicylates (aspirin), cocaine, alcohol or the antibiotic streptomycin; sunstroke; under-active adrenals, postural hypotension; or toxemia caused by such things as food poisoning or infections (viruses, bacteria or fungi).

Case Study. K.W. was referred to my office in November of 2005 for evaluation of vertigo. K.W. stated that her first episode of objective vertigo started in April of 2004 three days after contracting a flu virus. Since April of 2004, she experienced periodic episodes where every thing was spinning around her. Examination by an ENT medical specialist produced no positive findings. The physician put her on the medication anti-vert, which did nothing to modify the spinning sensations.

Examination of the patient revealed a neurological occlusal (tooth discrepancy), which adversely caused weakness in K.W.’s neck. Although upper cervical distortions do have the potential of causing equilibrium problems, this imbalance was not the source of this patient’s vertigo problem. Direct Resonance testing revealed the presence of cytomegalovirus in both ears. The patient supplied the clue when she gave a history of the vertigo starting three days into a flu episode. Since viruses are not affected by antibiotics, the patient was treated with bio-frequencies for the cytomegalovirus. At the completion of the half-hour treatment, K.W. stood up without any symptoms of the room spinning. When K.W. first walked into our office, she wore dark sun glasses and literally was holding onto the walls because every thing was spinning around her. The before and after videos show the dramatic change that took place after a half-hour of vibrational frequency therapy. Since the beginning of November, 2005 there has been no reoccurrence of vertigo.

In my professional opinion, I believe the cytomegalovirus infiltrated the endolymph fluid which is encased in the balancing labyrinths of the inner ear. Within these labyrinths are small hair-like structures which move with changes in motion. My theory is that the virus attached to the hair-like sensors and the toxins produced by the CMV virus disrupted the normal proprioceptive function causing faulty signaling into the central nervous system. The dramatic results came when the virus was immediately destroyed by the treatment frequencies. This technology has been available since the early 1930’s but was suppressed because it was too effective and would have destroyed the pharmaceutical companies as they existed in the 1930’s.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.