Atypical Facial Pain: Dental/Cranial/Whole-Body Connection

Susan was referred to my office for an unusal cluster of symptoms that had defied conventional medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, physical therapy, cranial and dental treatment for the past three years. Susan described her chief symptoms as a “twisting”, pulling sensation on the left side of her face, left side of her neck, shoulder, arm and down to her fingers. She stated that she had no pain but just this nagging pulling, twisting feeling for the past three years that no one could figure out the cause. There were times when I thought I was going crazy because all medical testing revealed that every thing was “normal.” I had received so much treatment that I was affraid to allow any dentist to complete the extensive work needed to be done. “I have been using a frequency device for just over a year to control the two abscesses under the bridgework that needed to be replaced.

Susan’s “atypical case was typical for patients who have dental distortions that cause cranial bone misalignment. The key clinical flag of an existing dental/cranial problem is when patients state that their osteopathic or chiropractic adjustments do not hold. In my thirty years of clinical research, I have discovered that the alignment of the teeth is a critical factor in providing the self-correcting mechanism for balancing the skull bones. Our body’s were designed to be self-correcting. This principle holds true if the body is structurally aligned. Changes that occur through tooth loss or modification of the teeth by means of fillings, crowns, orthodontics, partials, bridgework, occlusal adjustments (grinding the teeth to remove bite interferences) and even full dentures can throw the entire spine out of alignment and place tension in the fascia, muscles ligaments and nerves. The domino effect that occurs has the potential for creating a long list of symptoms (headaches, eye pain, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, balance problems, indigestion, insomnia, ear pain, numbness in the hands and feet, jaw pain, etc.). The myriad of symptoms occur because misalignment of the skull directly affects the brain and peripheral nervous system function. Plus, when the spine misaligns the organs, muscles, fascia and lymphatic drainage all begin to function less optimally.

Sucessful treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis. Using the OCB (Occlusal Craninal Balancing) technique that I have developed requires use of four cranial indicators. These cranial indicators are used when the skul is examined for positional distortions such as twists and a number of other malpositions. OCB provides extreme diagnostic accuracy and enables the clinician to determine which teeth need support to remove the twist or other distortions. Most patients’ symptoms respond quickly when structural balance is restored. The key to the equation is to restore proper vertical height to remove compression forces from the spine, level the horizontal plane of the upper teeth (maxillae) to correct the foundation of the human skull and lastly correct the sagittal or anterior-posterior plane to level the bite. Three dimensional correction helps restore total balance to the rest of the body.


Taken immediately after three hour dental treatment to correct the dental/cranial imbalance.

Restored bite. Four unit temporary bridge placed in the upper right posterior quadrant and single overlay resin on the lower left first molar.

Temporary four unit bridge placed to correct vertical height, horizontal plane and anterior to posterior plane.

Restored lower left first molar with an overlay resin the thickness of two sheets of typing paper. This helped decompress the jaw joint and upper neck.

…the alignment of the teeth is a critical factor in providing the self-correcting mechanism for balancing the skull bones.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.