Twenty years of migraine headaches resolved with ALF

There are approximately 400 plus direct causes for headaches. One of these causes involves structural distortions caused by malocclusion or a bad bite. The crooked teeth issue goes beyond just misaligned teeth. The malformed maxillae, “upper jaw”, really represents distortions of the base of the skull and internal dural membranes or tent poles which add stability for side to side and front to back bone alignment. When these membranes get tensioned, pain is elicited from jamming of the sutures between the skull bones and also from stimulation of sensory nerves within these dural membranes.

Gloria represents a perfect example of cranial bone/dural membrane distortions. A severely constricted or narrow palate (maxillae) was the underlying cause for unrelenting tension and 20 years of migraine headaches. The last ten years were so severe requiring Gloria to routinely take pain medication on a weekly basis for relief. Use of an ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) appliance was able to expand here maxillae to reduce the dural membrane tension. This therapy also removed the 3-dimensional distortions of her cranial bone misalignment. The result was that Gloria has not had a migraine headache for the past three months.

It has been this researcher’s experience that dental malocclusion accompanied by cranial bone and dural membrane distortions are a common but unrecognized cause for chronic migraine headaches.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.


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