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14 Years of Neck Pain Resolved

Orthodontics / Neck Pain Connection

Marc B. was a 44 year old male who suffered chronic cervical and low back pain for a 14 year period

The patient accidentally fell two stories through an elavator shaft and landed on his back. He was in a body cast for 7 months. The doctors did not believe he would live let alone ever walk. The pre-treatment radiograph documents compression between the atlas and axis vertebrae on the right side. The post treatment radiograph documents that the compression resolved following treatment. The two radiographs were taken six weeks apart. After assessing the patient’s cranium and bite, it was determined that the teeth on the upper right side required building up with resin the thickness of two sheets of typing paper. The day following treatment (cranial manipulation and resin build-ups) the cervical pain disappeared and six weeks later the lower back pain was reduced by 75%.

Chief complaints due to trauma often involve areas of the body that were in compensation. This patient underwent orthodontics as a child. His tooth straightening treatment required the removal of four first bicuspid teeth. Such treatment results in the loss of the upper cervical stability of the vertebrae. Patients like Marc are literally walking time bombs. Prior to the accident, Marc’s neck muscles were capable of compensating for the dental imbalances that were created by the orthodontic treatment. The trauma of the fall resulted in injury to the neck muscles which were in a state of compensation. Since the muscles were in a state of imbalance, they could not recover fron the trauma and remained in spasm. Traditional and non traditional therapy had no affect on relieving the pain.

We now have the technology to achieve an eloquent approach to healing. We now have a diagnostic and treatment system that provides us with answers to the cause of postural distortion and chronic pain. By knowing how to tweak the body, the health care practitioner can assist the body in its quest to heal itself.

The pre and post-treatment x-ray views of the skull (below) verify the direct effect of correcting the teeth as a means for correcting neck distortions. The red circle notes the area of compression on the pre-treatment view while the post treatment views exhibits no compression.

The pre and post-treatment x-ray views of the skull (below) verify the direct effect of correcting the teeth as a means for correcting neck distortions.

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Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.

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