20 Years of Vertigo Resolved in Six Weeks

Cathy McClean was referred to my office for the chief complaint of vertigo. For the past twenty years Cathy has been treated for “crystals” in her middle ears, by chiropractors, physical therapists, placed on valium by a medical doctor, and other therapies none of which had any impact.

Examination revealed an under active thyroid, which did not show up on any blood tests. Quantum testing showed the presence of cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein Barr virus (EBV), mercury, and arsenic. In addition, she had under active adrenal glands and her left ear had CMV and graphene oxide from the COVID inoculation.

Since Cathy has been taking the prescribed food based supplements to resolve the “splinters,” she has not had a bout of vertigo in over two months. Better living through food based supplements. As has been demonstrated many times, the key to correct treatment is too define the “splinters” or initiators that are causing the problem. Once removed the body gooseneck to factory default.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.


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