Orthodontic/Migraine Headache

During orthodontic treatment some patients complain of experiencing headaches when the teeth are being moved. This can easily result from muscle imbalances and/or sore teeth during the treatment process. But when the braces are removed and the patient still complains of daily headaches there is something very wrong. This was the case of a fourteen year old, I.A., who had completed the process of having her teeth straightened. For three years post-treatment, I.A. complained of a headache every day. The orthodontist said there was no connection to the treatment he performed. The neurologist recommended putting I.A. on painkillers but the parents refused specially since the neurologist could not make a definitive diagnosis as to the cause of the pain. When all conventional approaches failed to produce any solution, the father began searching the Internet. After reading the various case studies on our website, he was convinced his daughter’s problem had a direct relationship to the orthodontic treatment. It is difficult to imagine how a fourteen-year-old can function in school, play sports or enjoy friendships experiencing head pain every day. The saving grace is youth. Young people have a high level of energy that helps them over come adversity. When I.A. presented herself for examination, her skull exhibited definite distortions that resulted when her teeth were brought together. The concept of occlusal cranial balancing was discovered and pioneered by Dr. Smith. He is the first practitioner in the world to establish a diagnostic and treatment system that resolves these problems with non-invasive techniques. A definitive diagnosis was made and a “shim” was bonded to one tooth in order to balance I.A.’s cranial bones and dural membranes. The diagnostic testing and treatment took only 90 minutes. Upon completion, I.A.’s three-year daily headaches disappeared. Her father was in total shock when his daughter stated that she no longer had head pain.

The basis of occlusal cranial balancing is relatively simple: the teeth act as the self-correcting mechanism for balancing the skull bones and membrane system within the skull. As most of society has had dental procedures performed during their lifetime one knows very well how annoying a high filling or ill-fitting crown, partial or denture can be. But what most dentists do not understand is that misalignment of the teeth directly affects balance of the 28 skull bones, dural membrane system within the skull, entire spine, pelvis and even one’s feet. A delicate balance exists between the teeth and maxillae, the anterior base of the human skull. Basic neuro-anatomy (Guyton’s Medical Physiology Textbook, 6th edition, p. 622) tells us that when the dural membranes are stretched they will elicit pain in the form of headache.

It is this researchers intention that this information will help patients and healthcare practitioners better understand the role teeth play as a major source of head pain.

Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique
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Bonded resin, the thickness of one sheet of typing paper, balanced the skull bones and dural membranes within the skull. Removing the tension resolved the pain.

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three-years of headaches resolved with a shim …

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

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Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.


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