$35,000 Chronic Pain Puzzle

The following case is a typical example of how broken our healthcare system really is. Patients present a complex medical history involving multiple chief complaints and numerous laboratory testing that provide findings but does not pinpoint the underlying cause(s).

Sarah’s Progress — In Her Own Words

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My two hour initial evaluation revealed a hypothyroid condition, which the traditional laboratory tests did not find, and the presence of mercury, cadmium and glyphosate present in the thyroid gland. Only through Direct Resonance or Quantum testing techniques can one discover the underlying causes. In addition, the extraction site of the lower left third molar area exhibited the presence of mercury and cytomegalovirus. The heart and left lymph node both showed the presence of cytomegalovirus. Also of importance was the presence of a spastic diaphragm, which pulls the fascia down from the skull and up from the pelvic area and was the cause of the patient’s abdominal pain. S.W. also had a subluxation of her pubic symphysis and a reversed motion of the base of her skull. The above findings can only be elicited from someone who has a broad knowledge base of multiple disciplines.

Treatment: Therapy consisted of a comprehensive cranial adjustment, correction of the subluxated pubic symphysis, and application of scalar energy therapy. In addition, a comprehensive nutritional program was provided to resolve the heavy metals, pesticide, and cytomegalovirus.

Results: The patient’s total pain pattern immediately resolved following the cranial adjustment.

Overview: The key component in this patient’s case was the presence of a complex series of cranial distortions that negatively impacted on the patient’s entire body. Unfortunately, most physicians keep looking for the distorted blood values, which do not give the right answers.

Below: history and situation provided by patient prior to Dr. Smith’s initial evaluation.

Health History: Woke up Oct. 2017 with a hard beating heart, very high rate and chest pain. Went into ER found nothing. Woke up about a week later with the same fast racing heart/chest pain and heart palpitations and went into ER again. They found nothing. Over the next two months I was unable to get out of bed, heart hurt, I began to feel very tight chest, almost like a spider web of pressure all the way up my neck giving me a constant choking feeling in my throat. Occasional chills. I drank water continuously. I slept most of the day but had a horrible time sleeping at night. I went into ER at U of Michigan on New Years Day 2018.

They found nothing. Over the next couple of months I began to feel some improvement once my chiropractor gave me supplements. I started to get energy back. I went to Florida for vacation in March and felt much better after being in the sun. My energy level wasn’t completely back but I could Dr and maintain with daily naps. I was told it was probably adrenal fatigue. By Aug. 2018 I started to notice my energy level dropping and by Christmas I was really noticing it drop. I did a lot of laying down during the day and around my heart still hurt. I have noticed an ache in my left arm on and off, I have had a pain in both legs in my thighs (very specific spot) and an ache in my neck to the left of my throat that comes and goes.

In January I had a silver filling removed which eliminated the pain around my heart within two days. I have not had that pain since. Currently I am back to very little energy, my heart is a steady high rate (84-110 bpm) when sitting and when I do a simple task (ex: walk down stairs or do dishes) it usually spikes to 110-120 bpm. I have to lay down after a task or after I eat to calm it down. I have a constant low pressure headache and my eyes feel a strain. My newest issues are a tight ‘band’ feeling just below my knees and tight feeling below, a pressure at the base of my skull causing a constant low grade headache, a dizzy feeling which seems worse when I look down or when I am working on something, a fullness in my ears almost like I have an ear infection, lots of ear popping, achy in my kidney area and thirsty.

Current symptoms in a list:

  • Lymph node under the left arm has been swollen since 2017
  • High heart rate even when sitting (84-110 bpm) Occasional heart palpitations (however, never noted on any of the heart monitors I wore) According to my Fitbit I have spikes during the night as well (68-120 bpm) (I generally wake up at these spike times to a hard high heart beat which I can usually easy with deep slow breathing)
  • Low grade headache/pressure at the base of my skull
  • Tight ‘band’ feeling just below my knees
  • Tight feeling in the legs from the knee down to feet
  • Thirsty day and night
  • Foggy brain
  • Full ear feeling (almost ear infection like)
  • Dizzy feeling
  • Moments of nausea, especially at night
  • No energy, very lethargic
  • Arms and legs feel very ‘heavy’ 8 hours of sleep feels like 3 hours (waking during the night suddenly and sometimes gasping for air, hands and feet area tingly) Lower back pain (also have a previously slipped disk but this is a general lower back pain)
  • Achy back, neck
  • Heavy night sweats particularly before and during my period
  • Feel my heart beating in my head most all the time
  • Occasional ear ringing Chest tightness especially after doing a task which makes my heart beat at a higher rate (I can usually easy the pain by laying down)
  • I have had hair loss in the past but it is better now with supplements.
  • I did have whiplash when I was 9 years old.

In the past year they have checked my heart, completed EKG and stress tests, various blood test for thyroid, antibodies, white and red cell levels, various vitamin levels, iron levels, food allergy testing, adrenal tumor testing, cortisol tests.

Per my chiropractors blood test done:

  • I do have a gluten intolerance. I have been gluten free for 4 years.
  • Low thyroid (Non of the blood tests from my doctor showed this but my chiropractor did a specific blood test showing the level as low)
  • I have a high level of metals in my body.
  • My cortisol levels are off (high in the evening, low in the morning)

My cardiologist just tested for an adrenal tumor. It was negative and he said my levels looked normal.

I am doing a sleep test today to check for sleep apnea.

I have tried every test and seen so many doctors—I am at a loss for what direction to take next. I truly believe this could offer me some insight for some relief soon. I have not been able to work, Dr or even do daily tasks because of my symptoms over the last year and half and I feel it is getting much worse with time.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.


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