Divining Rods with Training Course


Purchase a set of Divining Rods. Included with your purchase is access to Dr. Smith’s Divining Rods Diagnostics Training Course ($19.95 Value).

What makes these divining rods unique?

  • Brass Construction: Brass conducts energy patterns more effectively than most other metals.
  • Divine Proportions: These rods were designed to follow the Golden Ratio –  a ratio between two numbers that equals approximately 1.618. This ratio is reflected throughout nature and represents balance.
  • Mini Tesla Coils: These rods have mini “Tesla coils at the tips and ends of the rods to increase their energy sensing ability.
  • Proprietary Frequencies: These rods have been imprinted with a clinically proven formula of frequencies to enhance their energy sensing ability.


Divine Rod Uses: 

  • Diagnose Health Conditions: An instructional video has been produced by Dr. Smith to show how to use the divining rods to determine the underlying cause(s) of health issues. This video plus a live Q & A Zoom Meeting at 8:00pm EST Thursday, August 24, 2023, are included with your purchase. 
  • Enhance decision-making: These rods can be used to assess if the energy of a business choice or intended relationship is favorable or negative.
  • Assess relationships: One can quickly determine if the energy of a person that you intend to do business with or get involved socially is favorable or negative.
  • Restaurant Choices: You can quickly determine if a restaurant’s energy is good or not. I personally have used this technique to select new restaurants by assessing the energy of their internet site. So far, I am batting 1,000.

The use of these specially designed Divining Rods are only limited by your imagination.


If you are wearing a metal chain around your neck, you must remove it before using the diving rods. The metal chain will short-circuit the acupuncture meridians, suppressing your energy field. This is one reason why the divining rods will not work for some individuals.

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