Advantages of Energy Medicine over “Conventional” Medicine

Conventional medicine’s approach to treating COVID, Omicron, and influenza and the many variants focuses on symptomatic treatment. This allopathic mentality is also applied to other illnesses such as arthritis, migraine headaches, colitis, etc. The “conventional” doctor focuses on using synthetic chemicals and even experimental drugs with no safety studies like the “vaccines” and a myriad of drugs as their primary tools to resolve patient symptoms. All the health information being disseminated through the mainstream media reinforces the same mantra and they NEVER mention boosting the patient’s immune system and natural defenses. This is cancel culture at its highest level. Throw grandma’s raw honey, ginger, and lemon recipe out the window and replace it with prescriptions like Remdesivir at $4000 a bag vs $6 dollars of natural, organic foods that will not damage your kidneys.

My grandmother once told me that common sense has to be learned. You can be sure that common sense is not part of the curriculum in medical school. Energy medicine incorporates a lot of common sense. As an example, swallowing a prescription petroleum based drug requires it to be broken down, then absorbed into the portal vein, then go through the liver, and then into the bloodstream where it is carried through out the body to effect a change, and finally it must be degraded by the liver and excreted. In contrast, swallowing water imprinted with healing frequencies gets absorbed quickly and since the human body is composed of 70% to 80% water the frequencies dissipate through out the entire body in a nanosecond. Common sense would dictate that this is a much more efficient delivery system than allopathic medicine’s paradigm of swallowing a petroleum based product. In addition, a petroleum derived pill will be more difficult to get absorbed through a cell membrane that has a plastic consistency as a result of consuming supermarket adulterated oils. Frequencies on the other hand can easily pass through a corrupted, plasticized cell membrane. Another big advantage of energy medicine is the fact that many different frequencies can be bundled together and taken at the same time. In contrast, “conventional” medicine has a pill for every ill requiring multiple prescriptions, multiple amounts of petroleum based chemicals to be ingested, and at a much higher price tag when compared to bundled frequencies. Another tremendous advantage is that frequency programs can be accessed via a smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer 24/7 without any prescriptions, or waiting at a pharmacy, or experiencing delays because of supply chain issues or conventional delivery services.

Is energy medicine just a fantasy or does it have science to back it up? In the 1970s, a Russian researcher, Vlail Kaznacheyev did 20,000 meticulous experiments in which he placed two glass flasks next to each other. One flask had healthy cells while the other had sick cells. After a few hours the healthy cells started to change into sick cells. Kaznacheyev concluded that the sick cells gave off biophotons (energy packets that had frequencies) which caused the healthy cells to turn sick. This same principle applies to humans. One does not have to have direct contact with the      actual pathogen to get ill. A toxic substance like mercury for example gives off between 13 and 21 different frequencies that disrupt the physiology of a cell. Being exposed to toxic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones has been well documented in the 1970s by the World Health Organization and the US Defense Intelligence Agency to cause cancer. Both organizations have suppressed this information from the public and deny their existence.

In the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife was curing cancer and many other diseases by exposing patients with his Rife frequency generator. By means of a special light microscope that Dr. Rife invented, he was able to determine the mortal oscillatory frequency that would kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. Following a well controlled study under the auspices of the University of Southern California and under the guidance of three prominent physicians, Rife’s technology cured 16 terminally ill cancer patients in 130 days. Immediately following the successful treatment eleven research centers around the United States that were validating Rife’s technology mysteriously burned down within one year; in addition, Big Pharma, the AMA and FDA confiscated all Rife equipment being used by physicians. The medical cartel does not like competition or their revenue stream shut off.

It has been said that adversity stimulates innovation. Out of today’s health fiasco and chaos was borne an innovative website,, which offers three affordable subscription plans to provide a variety of frequency programs to meet most common health issues. Through membership, one obtains immediate access 24/7 to those frequencies to assist in restoring health. The goal of this innovative technology was to empower individuals to take charge of their health independent of the corrupt healthcare system that has been thrust upon us. Louis B. Brandis’s quotation best sums up this innovative discovery, “All the best things in the world worth doing were declared impossible before they were done.” Check it out!


About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.