COVID Information Your Physician Won’t Tell You

Recorded July, 2020

Notes from Robert F. Kennedy debates Vaccines with Alan Dershowitz

  • William Thompson of the CDC blew the whistle on the MMR vaccine in black males: 363 % greater risk of becoming autistic when black male babies get the MMR vaccine early as compared to those black males who waited 3 to 6 months to receive the MMR vaccine.
  • Cochrane Report: 127 studies on Pub Med on the flu: 2010, 2014,and 2017
    1. CDC said flu vaccine was 35% effective against flu. CDC lied!
    2. Cochrane Report showed flu vaccine only 2.3% effective and there is zero evidence that the flu shot prevents any hospitalizations or death.
    3. The flu shot transmits the flue!
    4. If you get the flu shot you are 6 times more likely to give it to others than if you did not get the shot. Backed by scientific studies!
    5. The polio vaccine is known to transmit polio!
    6. 70% of the world’s cases of polio come from the vaccine!
    7. Those who take the flu shot get what is called pathogenical priming; you are 4.4 times more likely to get a non-viral upper respiratory infection.
    8. The flu shot injures your immune system and primes you for getting the flu.
    9. Because of the injury to your immune system you are 36% more likely to get the corona virus. There are six other major studies that document the same result.
    10. The life expectancy of the elderly who get the flu shot has dramatically gone down.
    11. There are NO SAFETY STUDIES that prove that the COVID-19 vaccine is SAFE!
    12. There are NO LONG TERM studies to prove its safety.
    13. The vaccine courts have paid out more than 4 Billion dollars in damages to vaccine injured patients. According to the public record, from 2013 to 2017 alone, the program paid out an average of $229 million a year to patients and their families. The average payment was about $430,000.
    14. n. Vaccines are zero liability to the pharmaceutical companies because you cannot sue them for damages. Payments fro damages come from our government. They have NO incentive to do safety studies!
    15. o. In 1986, the vaccine manufacturers stated to Congress “we cannot make vaccines safe.” “They are unavoidably unsafe.” It is in the public record and the statue: H.R.5546 – National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NO ONE can sue the vaccine manufacturers for damages). The pharmaceutical companies have complete blanket immunity from liability!
    16. p. The CDC and Johns Hopkins did a comprehensive review in 2000 of all the infectious diseases (small pox, scurvy, measles, etc.) in the first half of the 20th century and found that the abolishment of mortality from these infectious disease had nothing to do with the vaccines but was the result of improved sanitation, improved hygiene, electric refrigeration, clean water, good food, and reduction in population density. Results were published in the Journal of Pediatrics (Dec. 2000, Vol. 106,, No 6. Author Bernard Guyer, MD, MPH, et al.), which supports the concept of vaccinations.
    17. r. Dr. Edward Kass, who was the head of the Harvard Medical School during the first half of the 20th century, who warned that people who were promoting vaccines would try to take credit for the reduction in mortalities from those diseases because they will try to monetize them and use them to increase their power and prestige.
    18. s. Vaccine companies have blanket immunity from liability and they are the ONLY MEDICAL PRODUCT THAT IS EXEMPT FROM SAFETY STUDIES!
    19. t. NONE of the 72 vaccines that our children are mandated to get have ever been tested against a placebo study.
    20. u. NO BODY KNOWS the risk profile for any vaccine currently on the schedule.

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