Lyme Treatment: An Integrated Approach

By Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM

Exposure to various tressors ultimately will stress out the thyroid, adrenals, liver, kidneys, plus cause the lymph fluid to gel (hampering toxin removal) and dimish endothelial cell function (these cells line the inside surfaces of body cavities, blood vessels, and lymph vessels, making up the endothelium vascular system). When the lymph becomes “gelled” the toxins stagnate wreaking havoc by the shear level of concentrated toxicity. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends several weeks of an antibiotic (usually Doxcycycline when indicated or other antibiotic), which only increases the level of toxicity but makes the pathogens more resistant plus does NOT address the underlying multiple factors as mentioned above.

Several issues complicate treatment of Lyme. The first is that the underlying stressors are not being addressed, nor are the weakened glands (thyroid, adrenals, kidneys and liver). Second major issue are the frequent primary co-infections that accompany Lyme: Borreliosis (36 known species of Borrelia), Babesia (over 17 different subspecies of Babesia), Bartonella (at least 15 different species of Bartonella), Ehrlichiosis (bacteria belonging to the family Rickettsia [there are at lease 6 different species]), plus others too numerous to mention. Just shot gunning with an antibiotic does NOT address these co-infections. The third factor, patient’s life style, specially consumption of real organic food and food based supplements are also ignored. It is lunacy to think that throwing an antibiotic dart at the patient will solve the infection and eradicate the symptoms.

This author has formulated an integrated approach that has been extremely effective in the treatment of Lyme. First the liver (main filter of the body) must be detoxed. The blood of the entire body flows through the liver every three minutes. If the liver is congested, then the poisons recirculate and adversely affect the other organs and tissues. Second a drainage system must be established. By means of homeopathic remedies the drainage system must be opened and made functional (lymphatics, gastrointestinal, kidney, liver, intra-cellular contents evacuated, cell membranes and lymph fluid must be normalized). Then the heavy metals must be chelated or pulled out of the tissues. Next the chemicals (dioxins, PCBs, pesticides, etc.). Then any existing vaccines need to be neutralized. Finally when the major burden has been removed and the immune system becomes strong enough, the Lyme spirochetes and co-infections can be properly addressed. It has been this researchers experience that any infection is NEVER totally eradicated from the body. There are always a residual number of pathogens remaining but kept under control by a healthy immune system. When one gets run down (excesses), then the pathogens reappear. One of the best approaches to resolving Lyme or any other disease process is to define the stressors. The best biofeedback system on the market today is the CyberScan Professional System. This biofeedback system takes a holographic image of the palm chakra in ten seconds and then through a sophisticated software program compares the patient’s energy pattern with a database of over 108,000 electromagnetic signatures to uncover the primary stressors. It then resolves these stressors by means of scalar waves to wake up the body’s own immune system to recognize and correct the abnormalities. In addition, this researcher has integrated the non-invasive use of ozone via ear insufflation (using a modified stethoscope) while simultaneously imprinting the scalar waves into the patient’s system. The combined approach of reducing the stressors with nutritional support and preparing the body by cleansing the liver, lymphatics and other organs has resulted in dramatically reducing Lyme treatment time.

Case study #1: Relapse of Lyme
After approximately 10 years of no Lyme symptoms the patient was reinfected by means of a tick bite (bulls eyes rash). Following the above protocol the patient became symptom free in three treatments of the combined use of ozone and scalar wave frequencies.

Case #2: Resistant Lyme
The patient in the above case study referred his friend who went through numerous Lyme specialist’s treatments with conventional antibiotic protocol. After instituting the proposed nutritional protocol, the patient experienced a dramatic improvement in one month. His rapid heart beat calmed down to a normal rate and his energy dramatically improved. Following the introduction of ozone the patient experienced an even greater reduction of symptoms.

Summary: Use of prescribed medications only serves to further suppress the body’s immune system thus weakening the body’s ability to fight off the infection. The key is to quickly remove the underlying stressors using non-invasive support like food based organic nutritional supplements combined with state-of-the-art scalar wave technology integrated with ozone. Other components to the healing puzzle are lifestyle changes (eating cleaner) and correcting the mental emotional state to a very positive thought process. This equation for healing has resulted in long term results.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.