Remove The Splinters and Watch The Body Heal

Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM

After almost fifty years of clinical practice and over 5,000 hours of post-graduate seminars, I have come to the conclusion, that medicine both conventional and much of the alternative disciplines are missing the diagnostic and treatment links. Most testing, including blood, kinesiology, energetic, and radiographic focus on the patients normal ranges or physical alterations (broken bones, radiolucencies, tumors, etc.). It wasn’t until I entered the realm of energy medicine that I realized that an accurate diagnostic test could be performed to determine the major sprinter(s) or initiating factor(s) that were corrupting the physiology.

Based on quantum physics every thing in the universe has an energetic signature. Just like there are no two finger prints that are exactly alike so to there are no energetic duplications of physical signature identities. Utilizing concepts developed by Yoshiaki Omura, MD, one can use a test vial with a known imprinted frequency of a specific substance to diagnostically determine if that substance (chemical, vaccine, virus, bacteria, pesticide, heavy metal, etc.) is present. What an ingenious concept. It’s quick, accurate, instantaneous, non-invasive, less costly to the patient, and best of all it identifies the initiating factor(s). In essence, a physiologic diagnosis is made. In comparison an oncologist makes a histologic diagnosis, which describes to the “nth” detail the size of the tumor, arrangement of the cells, whether the stroma is mixoid, or the mucosa ulcerated, etc., … But no where in the report does it even mention there are heavy metals, pesticides, viruses, chemicals which represent the real diagnostic value. The following case studies provide perfect examples of the validity of a physiologic diagnosis as opposed to a histologic diagnosis.

Lung Cancer

Carol K. was referred to my office because she had lung cancer in her right lung. The oncological surgeon removed the tip of her right lung where the cancer was located. Six months later the cancer appeared in the upper portion of her left lung. One has to realize that cutting out the cancer is like painting over rust. The real cause is not being addressed. The patient rejected the recommended second surgery and chemo treatments. On the second visit, I requested the patient to bring in her histologic slides of the cancer. Energetic testing of the actual tissue revealed the presence of a pesticide, cytomegalovirus, and mercury. A nutritional program was presented and specific supplements were prescribed to detox the liver and the three splinters in the cancerous tissue, re-establish intestinal balance, and regenerate the cells back to “factory default.” In six months the cancer in the left lung totally disappeared as stated in the hospital’s own records. The concept is simple and hidden in plain view. Remove the splinter and allow the tissues to heal.

Canine Lip Cancer

One of my patients brought her Labradoodle in for diagnosis and treatment of lip cancer. The dog was surgically treated by Cornell Veterinary hospital. Twice the oncological veterinarian surgically removed the cancer and twice the cancer returned. Using the owner, the dog was evaluated using test kits with known frequencies of specific initiators (viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, etc.). A definitive diagnosis was made. The area of the cancer had a specific virus, heavy metal, and pesticide. The dog was placed on a prescribed supplement program to remove the offending initiators and simultaneously detox the dog. In six weeks the dog’s lip cancer “fell” off and to date has not returned.

Stage Four Throat Cancer

When Roland told his endocrinologist he was going to go alternative to treat his stage four throat cancer, the physician told him alternative treatment was a farce and he would be wasting his time and money. When Roland was examined, he had three root canal teeth that radiographically looked pristine. However, when tested energetically the three teeth had specific pathogens that were also present in the exact area of the cancer. Interestingly, the patient asked how would he chew without the three teeth. I replied if you die it won’t make a difference. Roland got the message. The patient agreed to have the three teeth removed. Immediately following extraction the surgical site was meticulously curetted to remove any periodontal ligaments and debris, soft bone was removed, and the area irrigated with ozone, colloidal silver and Sanum remedies. The sockets were also packed with gelfoam (resorbable sponge) saturated with homeopathic remedies. The patient was also placed on a raw food diet, supplements and told to use Rife frequencies for the pathogens. He was also undergoing Insulin Potentiation treatment. In three weeks, after removing the splinters, the patient’s stage four throat cancer totally disappear. When Roland confronted his endocrinologist about speaking to his other cancer patients to appraise them of alternative therapies, the doctor would not speak to him. So much for the “Hippocratic Oath.”

The concept of defining and removing the underlying splinter(s) has also been successfully applied to many other medical maladies (Hashimoto’s Disease, Raynaud’s Disease, hormonal migraines, asthma, allergies, vertigo, eczema, atypical facial pain, and many more). The problem with the paradigm is it is too simple. In addition to removing the primary causative factors, the three pillars of health must also be addressed. Without changing the terrain, the disease process will recur.

Dr. Gerald H. Smith

About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.