Why Most of Today’s Illnesses are Slow to Respond to Conventional Therapy

by Dr. Gerald H. Smith

Medical issues of today are much more complex than cases 30 years ago. There are many reasons for this. The following partial list of overlaying factors are presented to enlighten both practitioners and patients:

  1. Extreme nutrient deficiency of the soils, which translates into poor quality food, which directly impacts your health.
  2. Genetically modified foods are creating leaky gut which leads to a host of illnesses.
  3. Pervasiveness of fast foods and its destructive effect on health.
  4. Radiation exposure from Fukushima Japan is still exposing all of humanity.
  5. Chemtrails spewing out aluminum, barium, strontium and other chemicals being sprayed by the U.S. government over all NATO countries.
  6. Fluoride in our water and toothpaste is a toxic byproduct, which poisons our body.
  7. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs: Smart meters, Wi-Fi, microwaves, cell phones) disrupt our amino acids, DNA and dehydrates our body.
  8. Dental cranial anomalies involving malocclusions create a tremendous distress to the body.

The above factors work to lower the body’s immune system, retard repair and disrupt normal function. To compound the problem even more traditional blood tests and other conventional diagnostic testing are not geared to assess causative issues. From this author’s perspective many of medicines routine testing is totally obsolete. Even if a blood test reveals a high cholesterol or other abnormal reading, it does not reveal what is the underlying cause of the problem. Further compounding recovery is the fact that the medications being used are not treating the cause but designed to only mask the symptoms.

Fortunately for humanity, new technology is being developed which focuses on uncovering the underlying stressors, which can then be eliminated or dramatically reduced to allow the body to heal. This new technology is based on quantum physics and works by correcting the energy field distortions around cells. The mechanism uses specific frequencies to alter the morphogenic energy field that surrounds the sick cell or organ. By correcting the energy pattern around the area of pathology the internal structures of the cells/organs are forced to work normally. If a watchmaker adjusts the tension on the internal balance wheel/lever escapement mechanism of a conventional watch to regulate the movement of the wheel the watch will run true and show accurate time. The only difference is that now the physiology of the cell/organs can be changed by use of scalar waves discovered by Nikola Tesla. This non-invasive technique now makes use of drugs and other chemicals to treat illnesses obsolete.

One such device capable of providing this advanced technology is the CyberScan biofeedback system. This ingenious technology has the capability of imputing a holographic energy pattern from your palm into the computer database in ten seconds. Using an algorithmic software system based on the artificial intelligence research of the PEAR Group (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research), the CyberScan System can compare the patient’s energy pattern with over 135,000 electromagnetic signatures to derive which stressors are adversely affecting the body. Once the stressors are determined the system filters out the top 3 percent of the most important stressors. By means of scalar waves the CyberScan System can correct the underlying problem. The use of quantum physics has now caught up to Dr. McCoy’s Star-Trek technology.

The CyberScan System was integrated into our practice in December 2014. The following two case studies demonstrate the power of removing specific stressors from one’s body:

  • Case #1: A patient with a rare form of lymphoma was referred to my practice 16 months ago. He was given a death sentence by the medical establishment of thee months in May of last year. The patient was evaluated using the Quantum Testing techniques taught in my Residency program. A comprehensive program was established to detox the patient (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccines, pathogens, etc.), dietary modification, pH correction, supplements, attitude adjustment to reduce his fear and CyberScan System were implemented. Sixteen months later the patient is alive and well and the University of Pennsylvania’s blood test showed 100% oxygenation, which is unheard of for this type of cancer.
  • Case #2: A three and half year old child was suffering diarrhea and vomiting for two days. After a ten second scan was performed and the CyberScan’s sophisticated software, which is based on artificial intelligence developed by the PEAR group (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research), executed the healing frequencies which were then broadcast to the patient. In just four hours the child was 90% better. No other modality, supplement or anything was given.

… fortunately, new technology is being developed which focuses on uncovering the underlying stressors, eliminating or dramatically reducing them to allow the body to heal.


About The Author

Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.