Basis for All Cancers: Adulterated Omega 6 oils

In essence, cancer is NOT a disease. It is a breakdown of the immune system and corruption of the cell membranes by adulterated omega 6 oils which prevent adequate levels of oxygen to pass into the cell. It is the organic, cold press omega-6 component that acts as a magnet pulling in the oxygen into the cell. When the oxygen level drops to 35%, the cell goes into survival mode. Low oxygen initiates fermentation which converts glucose into lactic acid. Over time the cells transform into cancer cells. The solution is simple: supply organic, cold pressed omega-6 fatty acid to rebuild the cell membrane and detox the other toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccines and their adjuvants, viruses and the pathogens, herbicides, etc.) which further corrupt the cell membrane.

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Dr. Gerald H. Smith

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Dr. Gerald H. Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.