Advanced Natural Detox Course


The six phases of detoxification developed by Dr. Smith are the result of 35 years of research and intelligent evolution.

This Advanced Detoxification Course is based on 52 years of clinical practice.

The information presented is invaluable because it has a high clinical track record of success. No matter what health issues you are dealing with, it is critical that an effective detoxification program be used to help solve your problem.




Learn the 6 phases of detoxification developed from 52 years of clinical practice.
No matter what health issues you are dealing with an effective detox program can be used to help solve your problem.

  • Over 145 slides & 2 hours of video lectures with actionable tips and strategies
  • Invaluable information with high clinical records of success
  • Developed by Dr. Gerald H. Smith over 35 years of research and intelligent evolution

Who this course is for …

This Advanced Natural Detox course is designed for the layperson as well as the healthcare professional.
The six phases of detox were developed over a thirty-five-year period to minimize any Herxheimer reactions and provide a logical sequence to remove pathogens and toxins safely.


This detox process is also very effective in treating COVID-19 or other viral, bacterial or fungal infections. The supplements discussed have also been clinically used over a thirty-five-year period and proven successful.


The Advanced Natural Detoxification course has been successful in the treatment of cancer and many other medical illnesses. This comprehensive course provides invaluable information for anyone on a journey to restore their health.

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