Surviving the Coming Depression from an Economic and Health Perspective

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How to get out of the central banking system

  • Must transition into cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver
  • Must download HyperPay software application: Multi-ecosystem Digital Wallet, Safe and User-friendly
  • Must start using Cryptocurrency Credit/Debit Cards : Quick Sign-up with 0 Cost, Available in 200+ Countries, 10 Times Rebate for Consumption


  • High daily consumption limit : up to USD $50,000
  • VISA Integration: pay to any merchant \ accepts VISA payments
  • Global Support: Supported in over 176 countries and 50 million merchants worldwide
  • Low Cost: Free KYC process, 2.3% exchange fee
  • Fast Transactions: Deposit & exchange without delays
  • Simple sign up process: free, easy, and fast application process

HyperCard: Cryptocurrency Credit Card

A real cryptocurrency credit card, no need to recharge in advance, purchase first, repay later.

  • No deposit limit
  • Up to $50,000 daily spending
  • Up to 70%cashback on every deposit
  • No foreign exchange fees and annual fees.
  • Fast transactions: deposit & exchange without delays

How to use HyperCard: 

Simply top up your card with your cryptocurrency of choice,  then spend/withdraw as you please

Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Groceries, ATMs. Use your HyperCard anywhere

HyperMate Pro (Hardware) Wallet: The Safest Way to Store Crypto; Assets works with HyperPay app via Bluetooth connection, which is simple and reliable to operate.

YouTube video provides an explanation:

Website for additional information (FAQ) and purchase:

When the financial system collapses, junk silver will enable you to buy food staples, and any other products.


How to preserve your assets

The best way to preserve your assets is to convert them into gold coins (double eagles, Maple Leafs, gold bars, etc.) and store them in a home safe. Do NOT buy ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Gold coins or gold bullion. Right now, the Deep State is artificially suppressing gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies.

Get out of the stock market if you haven’t lost your shirt yet. The US dollar is going to be reset and take a major haircut (30% 75%).

How to create a weekly passive income stream

The investment I have ever made is in the company NovaTech. NovaTech is a hedge fund with a diversity of income sources: they have Bitcoin ATM machines, they mine Bitcoin, they sell Bitcoin and other cryptos, and they trade foreign currencies. They return 70% of the profits to the investors.

They have never missed a payout over three-plus years. Their retention rate for investors is 99%. There is NO trading involved, and it makes no difference what the price of Bitcoin is. 12 to 14 professional traders invest over 500 million dollars a week, generating profits. NovaTech pays out between 2% and 4% a week. One must wait 90 days before pulling any funds out.

NovaTechfx is the real deal. I have been in the program since June and just pulled out my first two bonus funds.   

Must have a Coinbase account; it takes two weeks to set up. Wire funds to Coinbase and buys Bitcoin. Set up your NovaTech account, which must be funded within 48 hours; transfer funds to your account in

Every Friday, you receive your bonus (between 2 and 4%). After 90 days, you can cash out by selling your Bitcoin, convert into US dollars and send it to your bank account.


To Enroll:

Do I really have to carry concealed?

Digest the statistics, and you decide:

  • A survey by the Major Cities Chiefs Association revealed that, while homicides and rapes are down in urban areas of the U.S. compared to the same point last year, violent crime, in general, has increased by 4.4%, and the rate of violent offenses remains much higher than before the pandemic.
  • There were notable increases in robberies (13%) and aggravated assaults (2.6%), accounting for the lion’s share of the violent crime total.
  • “Compared to 2019 midyear figures, Major Cities Chiefs Association member cities have experienced a 50% increase in homicides and a roughly 36% increase in aggravated assaults,’’ the association said in a statement. “These shocking numbers demonstrate how the increased violent crime has disproportionately impacted major urban areas.’’

The homicide rate in Philadelphia continues to rise higher than last year – which was a record year for homicides, although those numbers are slowly declining.

Currently, 121 people have been killed in Philadelphia since the beginning of the year, up 2% from last year. Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said homicides in the Operation Pinpoint grid are roughly 41% higher than last year.

My philosophy is that I would rather be tried by a jury of twelve than carried by six pallbearers.

Safest cities in America:

  • Torrance, South Bay, CA
  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Port Saint Lucie, Florida
  • Sunnyvale, California
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Orange, California
  • Round Rock, Texas
  • Glendale, California
  • Thousand Oaks, California
  • Naperville, Illinois

Simple ways to insure nutritional health during food scarcity

Stockpile plenty of pasta. You can quickly fortify the basic food with an excellent organic freeze-dried green product. The best one I have come across is Pure Synergy. It has 60 different organic and wildcrafted grasses, herbs, vitamins, and other nutrients. Canned sardines, fishes, etc, are another protein source. Good organic nuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, etc. Also need water and organic, cold-pressed omega 6/omega 3 oils.

10 Essential Supplements to Support your Health During a Crisis:     

  1. Zinc orotate   
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Vitamin C (food based): AMLA-C
  4. Hydroxychloroquine
  5. Ivermectin (Tractor Supply)
  6. Curcumin (Designs for Health)
  7. Glutathione (Premier Research)
  8. Vanish ( ICNR, Inc.)
  9. Whole Body Collagen (Designs for Health or Professional Health Products)
  10. Clinician’s Preference (organic, cold pressed omega 6/omega 3 oils in an 11:1 ratio). They are parent essential oils from which the body can make any derivative it needs.

For those who have pets, I highly recommend Orijen ( PetValue; Amazon (

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