The Dangers of EMF’s and How to Protect Yourself

MASSIVE Increase in Your Exposure to This Non-Native EMF

The average background radiation worldwide has increased 500 times since the year 2000.

Dangers of EMFs and How to Protect Yourself

Reducing your exposure to EMFs:  the majority of the radiation you’re exposed to are coming from the items in your home: electric heated floors, heating pads, electric wiring, TVs, LED lights, Fitbit and dozens of similar Fitness watches, microwave ovens and hair dryers.

  1. Hard wire your computer
  2. Shut your Wi-Fi down whenever you’re not using it, and  at nigh when you’re sleeping. 
  3. Place a resin diode on your cell phone to cancel out the harmful radiation.
  4. When using your phone, use the speaker phone and hold it away from you.
  5. Place your phone in airplane mode when not in use.
  6. Place your phone in a Faraday cage.
  7. Get rid of any 900MHz wireless phones specially those systems that have a base station and auxiliaries phones around the house. They are more dangerous than your cell phone.
  8. Keep a Tesla Energy Card® in your pocket at all times.
  9. Wear Blue blocker glasses when working on the computer.

Your Cellphone Is a Major Source of EMF Exposure:  when your phone is on, it gives off a 25-foot magnetic field.

Non-thermal Damage

  1. Many studies2,3,4,5 have shown that when you’re exposed to EMFs, intracellular calcium increases.  It’s the excess calcium in the cell and the increased calcium signaling that are responsible for a vast majority of the biological effects of EMFs. Martin Pall, Ph.D has discovered no less than 26 papers showing that EMFs work by activating voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which are located in the outer membrane of your cells. Once activated, they allow a tremendous influx of calcium into the cell — about 1 million calcium ions per second per VGCC. 

Note: The cellular membrane is 7 million times more sensitive to EMFs than the charged particles inside and outside of the cells, which are what safety standards are based on. In other words, the safety standards are off by a factor of 7 million!

2. When there’s excess calcium in the cell, it increases levels of both nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide. Massively excessive NO reacts with superoxide, forming peroxynitrite, which is an extremely potent oxidant stressor. 

3. Peroxynitrites, in turn, break down to form reactive free radicals, which damages your cells.

4.  The radiation activates the Voltage Gating Calcium Channels in the outer cell membrane, which triggers a chain reaction of devastating events that, ultimately, decimates your mitochondrial function and causes severe cellular damage and DNA breaks. It also decimates your cell membranes and cellular proteins. In a nutshell, it dramatically accelerates the aging process.

Common EMF-Related Health Problems

1. The tissues which have the highest concentration of VGCC’s are the ones that will be affected the most. Studies dating back to the 1950s and ’60s show the nervous system is the organ that is most sensitive to EMFs.

2. When the VGCCs are activated in the brain they release neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine hormones, and elevated VGCC activity in certain parts of the brain has been shown to produce a variety of neuropsychiatric effects. Among the most common consequences of chronic EMF exposure to the brain are:

  •  Anxiety

 •   Depression

 •   Autism

 •  Alzheimer’s

 Common heart problems linked to EMF exposure include:

    •  Cardiac arrhythmias (associated with sudden cardiac death)

    •  Atrial fibrillation / atrial flutter

    •  Premature atrial contractions (PACs) and premature ventricular  contractions (PVCs), also known as heart palpitations

     •  Tachycardia (fast heartbeat) and brachycardia (slow heartbeat)

Reproductive Effects and Cancer

  1. EMF exposure may also increase a man’s risk for infertility if he wears his cellphones near his groin and/or uses a laptop on his lap, and a woman’s risk for breast cancer is higher if she tucks her cellphone in her bra. Studies have linked low-level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure from cellphones to an 8 percent reduction in sperm motility and a 9 percent reduction in sperm viability. 

2. Wi-Fi-equipped laptop computers have also been linked to decreased sperm motility and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation after just four hours of use.  In regard to breast cancer, the most common location for breast cancer is the upper, outer quadrant. When the cancer is located in the upper, inner quadrant, it’s more likely to be related to cellphone radiation (if you’ve been carrying your phone in your bra). 

How to Lower Your Exposure

1. Your cellphone is a major source of exposure, as are cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth-equipped items (hearing aids), wireless mice, keyboards, smart thermostats, baby monitors, smart meters and the microwave in your kitchen. Ideally, address each source and determine how you can best limit their use.

2. The CyberScan is capable of evaluating each person’s energy field and determine  which EMFs are directly affecting them. From this information a custom Tesla Energy Card® device can be made to protect the individual from the harmful EMF effects.

Peroxynitrite in Your Body

It is a selective oxidant that modifies tyrosine, an amino acid that is needed to produce norepinephrine, which enables your heart muscle to forcefully contract. Peroxynitrite also creates a new substance, nitrotyrosine and nitration of a structural protein. These changes are visible in human biopsies of atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia, inflammatory bowel disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and septic lung disease. This pathway of oxidative destruction triggered by low-frequency radiation emitted from mobile devices may partially explain the unprecedented growth rate of chronic disease since 1990. 

Protect Yourself and Your Family From Long-Term Health Damage

Cellphones, portable phones, Wi-Fi routers and modems are the primary devices in your home emitting microwave radiation consistently.

Cell damage builds over time. It may feel safe to use your devices as you always have since you don’t experience the health effects immediately, but it definitely is not.

• Place a resin diode on your cell phone and any other electronic device

• Keep the phone away from your head

• Increase your distance from RF-emitting devices

The closer the device, the more radiation you absorb. Find a way to transport your phone other than you pants pocket or bra, and avoid keeping your phone and tablets in your bedroom while you’re sleeping.

• Turn off your Wi-Fi routers

  • Spices may reduce damage

Researchers have discovered certain spices may help prevent or repair damage from peroxynitrites. Spices rich in phenolics, specifically cloves, rosemary, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger root exhibited some protective capacity against peroxynitrite-induced damage.

Coffee substitute drink:

  1. 1/4 tsp Cayenne
  2. 1/4 tsp Cinnamon
  3. 1/4 tsp Cloves
  4. 1/4 tsp Tumeric
  5. 1/4 tsp Ginger
  6. 1 tbs Organic cocoa
  7. Raw organic sugar to taste
  8. Optional: vitamin D3, Crystal Energy (negative hydrogen ions)

Nutritional intervention can also help reduce the harmful effects of EMFs.

It’s not a permanent solution you can use in lieu of remediation, but it can be helpful while you’re implementing more permanent solutions. 

1. The first is magnesium, as magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker. Many people are deficient in magnesium to start with, and I believe many may benefit from as much as 1 to 2 grams of magnesium per day.

2. Increasing Nrf2 (nuclear factor erythroid 2). Nrf2 is a powerful protein that is latent within each cell in the body and is released by an Nrf2 activator. Once released it migrates into the cell nucleus and bonds to the DNA at the location of the Antioxidant Response Element,  which is the master regulator of the total antioxidant system that is available in ALL human cells.

It also:

   • Lowers inflammation

   •  Improves mitochondrial function

   • Stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis

   • Helps detoxify the body from xenobiotics, carbon-containing toxicants and toxic metals

    • Activates the transcription of over 500 genes in the human genome, most of which have cytoprotective functions. This includes the three genes that encode enzymes required for synthesis of reduced glutathione, which is one of the most important antioxidants produced in your body

You can activate Nrf2 by:

   1. Consuming Nrf2-boosting food compounds such as sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauiflower), foods high in phenolic antioxidants (blueberries, strawberries, grapes), the long-chained omega-3 fats DHA and EPA, carotenoids (especially lycopene), sulfur compounds from allum vegetables, isothiocyanates from the cabbage group and terpenoid-rich foods (Mangoes, Broccoli, sweet potatoes, and tea).

    2. High-intensity exercises that activate the NO signaling pathway, such as the 

       NO dump exercise

   3.  Calorie restriction (such as intermittent fasting)

The Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen  

  1. Molecular hydrogen consists of two atoms of hydrogen, the smallest molecule in the universe, which:

   •  Is a neutral molecule that can instantly defuse across any cell membrane

   • Has no polarity

   • Is a potent, selective antioxidant

2. Molecular hydrogen has been shown to target free radicals produced in response to radiation, such as peroxynitrites. Studies have shown molecular hydrogen can mitigate about 80 percent of this damage. The take-home message is it can be quite valuable when flying, for example, to counteract the damage caused by gamma rays encountered at 35,000 feet. 


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Foods that contain molecular hydrogen:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Tomato
  3. Spinach
  4. Iceberg lettuce
  5. Celery
  6. Zucchini
  7. Caulflower
  8. Watermelon
  9. Grapefruit
  10. Radishes


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