Why Being a Vegetarian is not healthy or sustainable

Vegetarianism vs Meat

Background statistics:

Approximately six to eight million adults in the United States eat no meat, fish, or poultry, according to a Harris Interactive poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, a nonprofit organization that disseminates information about vegetarianism.

Several million more have eliminated red meat but still eat chicken or fish. About two million have become vegans, forgoing not only animal flesh but also animal-based products such as milk, cheese, eggs, and gelatin.

You can get many of the health benefits of being vegetarian without going all the way. For example, a Mediterranean eating pattern —associated with longer life and reduced risk of several chronic illnesses — an emphasis on plant foods with sparing use of meat.

Varieties of vegetarians

  • Vegans (total vegetarians): Do not eat meat, poultry, fish, or any products derived from animals, including eggs, dairy products, and gelatin.
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians: Do not eat meat, poultry, or fish, but do eat eggs and dairy products.
  • Lacto vegetarians: Eat no meat, poultry, fish, or eggs, but do consume dairy products.
  • Ovo vegetarians: Eat no meat, poultry, fish, or dairy products, but do eat eggs.
  • Partial vegetarians: Avoid meat but may eat fish (pesco-vegetarian, pescatarian) or poultry (pollo-vegetarian).
  • Second hand vegetarians: they eat grass fedd beef.

Vegetarianism is a great transition diet. Going from the traditional American processed food diet to eating real food (meat, chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables, herbs, dairy, etc.)

When you look at the efficacy of a particular dietary approach one must look at long- term results. By long-term I mean five generations. There is no one group of Vegans or pure vegetarians that have a five generation record and are still fertile and have total health.

In the 1930s, Weston Price and Francis Pottenger studied large numbers of tribes of 14 different races of modern primitive hunter-gathers in all parts of the world did not find one group living on a vegetarian regime.

Most of our ancestors during the past two to three million years were hunters and gatherers; for the most part our predecessors survived on animal protein. None of the animals use to feed us would ever have been born or experienced life at all if it weren’t for mankind to raise them for food. We have been genetically programmed to eat animal protein over three million years.

sea vegetables:

Three ounces of arame has between .09 to 1.5 micrograms of B12 Three ounces of wakame has 1.9 to 5.3 micrograms

Two sheets of nori contain 2 mcg.

The RDA for people over 10 years of age is 3 mcg and for pregnant and nursing mothers the RDA is 4 mcg.

True vegetarians, those who never use any animal products, can lead a reasonably healthy life but in practice there are few who do so.

Reasons for not supporting vegetarianism:

  1. Difficult to plan a diet that provides sufficient quantities of protein, calcium, riboflavin (B2), vitamin D3, iodine, iron, and B12. Requires considerable knowledge of food composition and nutrition.
  • Many vegetarians rely on soy for their protein source. Besides being low in the amino acid methionine, 90% of soy is genetically modified and it also suppresses thyroid function. Methionine is essential for chelating or pulling heavy metals out of the body plus converting homocysteine, which is linked to early development of heart disease. High levels of homocysteine are also associated with low levels of B6, B12, and folate.
  • All of the 20 amino acids must be in reasonable balance at each meal or the body will not be able to repair itself. Vegetable protein does not have all the essential amino acids. Animal protein has all the essential amino acids.
  • Vegetarians consume high quantities of carbohydrates, pasta and vegetables, which raises systemic insulin levels which increases inflammation and fibrosis. It will age you faster.

Also many of the vegetable sources like flax seed, soybeans, tofu, sesame seeds, black

beans, are high in phytoestrogens. 95% of all cancers are estrogen sensitive.

The hormones from vegetables CAN withstand very high temperatures and still be active?! William Wong The reason they don’t tell you about those hormones is that they cause infertility and outright sterility and since the Eco nuts and animal rights crazies see humans as a virus on their otherwise pristine planet they are out to lower the human population whether you want to be sterile or not!

As to the Eco Yuppie / Vegetarian crowd being worried about cancer causing substances in our food, that claim rings hollow when one considers that soy has trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an enzyme we make and it is one of the main safeguards we have against cancer. In humans, trypsin and its brother chymotrypsin actually eat cancer cells. Soy has a component that inhibits the function of the thyroid and lowers its function. 95+% of cancers are estrogen driven. Soy has an estrogen count as high as 10,392 mg per 4 ounces! This combination is why the #1 cancer we are seeing in children today is Thyroid cancer!

I’ll lay odds that most all of the kids who get Thyroid cancer were fed soy formula as infants and eat a lot of prepared foods containing soy products!

All of the junk medical science has an agenda and whether it is getting you off the planet earlier from mal-nutrition (the average vegetarian life span is 56, not long enough to be a burden to Socialist Security System) or force you into having less kids or no kids in an era of already declining fertility and population; it’s all meant to strike fear, misinform, coerce and other wise lie to you in order to make you do something you would not normally do. Stay a free individual, think for yourself and don’t buy into their outright lies and fear mongering.

  1. Key health problems that surface after three years of eating vegetarian are anemia, sore tongue, weakness, loss of weight, back pain, tingling of the extremities, gum disease, and mental confusion.
  • Children tend to be smaller and many have learning difficulties.
  • False sense of security. People who stop eating meat say they feel better. This usually stems from a lack of HCl hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes needed to digest meat.
  • Most people do not have enough cellulase, an enzyme needed to digest fiber. Not digesting fiber prevents absorbing the nutrients in the vegetables. Dietary deficiencies.
  • Vegetables do not supply DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) two essential fatty acids. Healthy fats are crucial for heart health – especially the right balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. Better brain health, less depression (Symptoms include sadness, lethargy and a general loss of interest in life), improved mood, joint health, healthier skin and hair, anti-inflammatory, prevent blood clots, and its anti-aging effects.
  • No big advantage in longevity of eating vegetarian vs meat, cheese, eggs, and, milk. Russell H Smith, PhD’s analysis of total mortality rates as a function of the frequencies of consuming cheese, meat, milk, eggs and fat attached to meat found that the total death rate decreased as the frequencies of consuming cheese, eggs, meat and milk increased.

A study by Burr and Sweemam in 1982 showed that the annual Coronary Heart Disease death rate among vegetarians was only 0.01% lower than, that of non-vegetarians, yet the authors indicated that “A significant correlation was found between vegetarianism and mortality from Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) which was especially marked among men. These findings confirm other evidence of a lower mortality from heart disease among vegetarians.” This conclusion was extraordinarily misleading.

What’s bad about soy?:

  • Contains Isoflavones (Genistein and Daidzein). In soy the isoflavones are built in insecticides. If they kill bugs are they good for humans?
  • Isoflavones are estrogen like substances which have the same effect as the bodies estrogen. Cancer comes from having too much estrogen. Irritability and mood swings, fat gain from the waist down, fibrocystic breast disease uterine fibromas are all associated with estrogen dominance. Instead of helping prevent the bad effects of

environmental or natural estrogen dominance soy isoflavones are now known to increase the bad effect of estradiol and estrone the two major bad guys of the estrogen family. (1,2,3).

  • Kills testicular tissue. In men it permanently reduces testicular function and lowers Luteinizing Hormone production. LH is what signals your testicles to work. This increases the probability of estrogen dominance in men with its hair loss, swollen and cancerous prostates. (4,5). Male children fed soy formulas and soy products may not ever get to like girls. Doris Rapp MD, the worlds leading pediatric allergist, asserts that environmental and food estrogens are responsible for the increase in male homosexuality and the worldwide reduction in male fertility. (6)
  • Isoflavones decrease thyroid hormone production. This can stunt children’s growth and make the rest of us tired and fat. (7,8,9).
  • Female children fed the estrogens in soy formula and products hit puberty very very early sometimes as young as age 6 to 8! (10).
  • Pregnant women eating soy products may affect the sexual differentiation of their children. Studies show malformations of the reproductive tract or offspring born with both male and female sexual organs. (11).
  • Isoflavones decrease GOOD cholesterol (HDL). (12,13).
  • Soy contains Phytin, which takes essential minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium etc. out of the body before they can be absorbed. Also soy contains Trypsin inhibitors block this vital anti cancer enzyme, anti fibrosis enzyme. (14).
  • A 7000 man 30 year epidemiological study done in Hawaii shows soy is connected with a higher rate of Vascular Dementia (Alzheimer’s disease). (15,16).

Any opinions to contradict the facts noted above have been paid for by the Agribusiness giants Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland. Once public knowledge of their manipulation of public opinion and of the FDA becomes widely known, expect monster class action lawsuits against these folks. They’ll deserve it in spades!

Point #1: Comparing sedentary milk drinkers who may be taking in the calcium but not utilizing it because they are sitting on their duffs all day and put no pressure on their bones (Wolf’s Law) as opposed to gals who are busting their asses on their feet working all day in third world countries and actually absorbing every gram of calcium they can and putting it into their bones is a very skewed comparison. As always from the anti- milk, egg, and meat crowd meant to promote their animal rights and vegetarian agenda regardless of how much they have to spin the truth to do it.

Point #2: The study is further flawed because the relative ages of the women involved is not equal. Hardly any gal in South Africa gets old enough to get osteoporosis, they die young from all the hard life and work. Whereas Scandinavia has one of the largest elderly populations in the world due to their exceptional medical care and pension systems.

Have you ever been to those countries and seen the people? Their stature, their structure? How they work, how they exercise or in the case of the WW2 and Boomer generation how they don’t exercise? If you stood a 30 year old Swedish gal and a 30 year old tribes women from South Africa next to each other which would you rather be like? The Scandinavians are built like Greek Gods, but walk through their senior centers and rehab hospitals and you see them shrunken and shriveled. What this flawed study does show is the simple fact of “use it or lose it”. Women who have hip fractures don’t exercise or do hard physical labor. It’s that simple! If you build roads with rocks broken by sledge hammers as I’ve seen women in third world countries do, then you’d have strong bones too, until you died young from all the malnutrition and over work!

Here is an excerpt on the supposedly harmful hormones found in meat and milk:

Meat and milk hormones. Alas here is where the anti-meat and milk crowd fudge their facts. Their agenda is really to make everyone a vegetarian because they don’t want you seeing Bessy the cow or Peter the pig as food. Animals they say, should be free to roam the earth and not kept confined awaiting their moment of execution in fear! First off, animal hormones degrade (lose their structure and ability to work) in 5 min. or less at temperatures above 58 to 67 degrees C (136 to 152 degrees F). The higher the temp the faster the degradation. Unless you are eating steak tartar, you are going to be cooking your meat for more than 5 minuets at temperatures above 200 degrees F (93 degrees C). So bye-bye hormones, they are no longer a problem. And by the way, since one of the arguments the animal rights folks give against meat is that animals are filled with parasites (which is true) it should be noted that those buggers can’t live at those temperatures either! The only flesh eaters who get parasites from their meat are the raw food and sushi eating folks.

As to milk, Pasteurization, though much criticized in the natural health community, occurs between 63C for 30 min., or 72C for 16 seconds or 138C for 2 seconds.

Temperature and time enough at temperature to denature hormones.

One comment must be made on Bovine Growth Hormone. Most all of the hormones of the larger mammals are interchangeable and nearly identical. So, pig hormones (which are the closest thing to bio-identical human hormones) can have an effect on cows, deer man etc. and vise-a-versa. So let us, for the sake of argument, make the statement that Human and Bovine Growth Hormone as nearly identical, which is what the animal rights people are saying. The anti-meat folks have been railing against Bovine Growth Hormone and its potential for causing cancer. We have heard the same song and dance from the orthodox MD’s in their fight against the Anti-aging MD’s and DO’s using Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1. The folks who say the stuff might cause cancer can point to no statistics to show a rise in CA

among those who the anti-aging docs use the hormone on. And, they can point to no spike in CA in the general population directly attributable to drinking milk or eating meat. While they have tried to contrive junk studies to prove that very point the work has not been conclusive. The study conclusions have all been very “spun” to make the desired points even though the data did not support the conclusions.

BUT on the other side, the anti-aging docs have been doing their work now for two decades. Time enough to see trends in disease. Anti-aging patients, in the last 20 years, have not demonstrated more of a tendency to get cancer than the general population. If an in-depth study of them were done I would bet money that their rate of getting CA was lower than the general population. This is what the clinical experience has found and for those of you who know my work you know that I put a lot more stock in the “Observed Reality of Clinical Experience” than in any easily spun study funded by suspicious people with hidden agendas! Clinical experience is what’s really happening. Many medical studies these days are conjecture at best and outright deception at worst! One final capper to this subject: anti-cancer doctors, Oncologist’s, use IGF-1 (the active product of Human Growth Hormone) to fight cancer! That says it all!

As to the antibiotics, not much survives pasteurization and cooking either. So case closed on that.

High-protein vegetarian foods:

  1. Greek Yogurt: 23 grams of protein per cup
  2. Lentiles: 4 grams of protein per 1/4 cup
  3. Beans (chickpeas, black bean): 4 grams of protein per 1/4 cup
  4. Cottage Cheese: 14 grams of protein per 1/2 cup
  5. Hemp Seeds: 4 grams per 1 tablespoon
  6. Chia Seeds: 3 grams of protein per 1 tablespoon
  7. Edamame: 5 grams of protein per 1/4 cup
  8. Green Peas: 8 grams of protein per cup
  9. Quinoa: 8 grams of protein per cup (cooked)
  10. Almonds: 3 grams per 1/2 ounce
  11. Eggs: 6 grams of protein per large egg

Source: Eating Well: www.eatingwell.com/article/289961/top- vegetarian-protein-sources/

How much protein does an adult need?

0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

150 lbs.= 68 kilograms X .8 = 54 grams of protein (1.9 ounces)

This represents the RDA which is the bear minimum to prevent getting sick.

National Agricultural Library

Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI): DRI Calculator for Healthcare Professionals

  • Babies need about 10 grams a day.
  • School-age kids need 19-34 grams a day.
  • Teenage boys need up to 52 grams a day.
  • Teenage girls need 46 grams a day.
  • Adult men need about 56 grams a day.
  • Adult women need about 46 grams a day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding)
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